June 16th-21st

Arte Agave NY is a multi-sensory experience celebrating the richness of Latino culture that engages, educates and entertains. This week long celebración will showcase artists, authors, musicians and agave spirits at pop up takeovers and at the Arte Agave Grand Fiesta.

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Street Fiesta

This entertaining fiesta will showcase artists, performers, musicians and one of a kind Mexican folk art created by artisans from many regions of Mexico. Agave enthusiasts and influencers will enjoy Mexican fare and partake in an afternoon of Latino culture.

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Artist showcase

Arte Agave NY will not only showcase the agave spirits but also Latino artist that bring the culture to life. Pop up artist takeovers will be hosted throughout the week.

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State of Agave

The State of Agave is the place to be to discuss and learn about all things agave. Industry leaders will be addressing the sustainability, production and how the spirit has evolved.

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Tequila VS MEzcal

This battle Royale will prove which agave spirit has coveted the Industry pros palate. See what brand has what it takes to be crowned “El Rey” of the agave world. Brought to you by Going Up.

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Mezcal Night

A night of music and Mezcal. This pop up take over will showcase Latino artists, musicians and Mezcal. Treat your palate to a tasting and crafted cocktails featuring this smoky agave spirit. ¡Salud!

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Street Taco Throw down

A friendly competition that highlights the street taco and their multitude of varieties and flavor combinations. Twenty top NY chefs will showcase their taco skills to judges who will determine the top dish of the night.

Arte Agave Grand Fiesta

Spend the evening immersed in the culture of Agave! Sip on 100 varieties of agave spirits. Savor latino cuisine from leading chefs. Treat your eyes and ears to traditional art, music and dance!