Arte Agave

The 2018 celebración

Experiencing the Art of Agave. 

After several noches of sharing, pondering and rambling, tres amigos decided to take a leap of faith together. We found common ground in our admiration of well crafted creations and the "artistas" behind them - creations that deliver memorable and meaningful experiences. For Walt and John, that came from worlds of premium spirits and hospitality. For Rod, that came from the worlds of design, brand and art. It's at the convergence of those worlds that we set out to create Arte Agave.

Arte Agave was thus born of our mutual passion and appreciation of agave spirits + cuisine + the arts all wrapped in the values that define its very spirit:  Respeto, Comunidad, Celebración, Innovación, y Pasión. 

While it’s certainly meant to be a unique and celebratory experience, on another level our aim is to develop a platform for certain local businesses (including a few start-ups and entrepreneurs) to engage new customers and larger brands that could help them grow – a sort of a collaborative 21st century NYC-style “mercado”. A bit ambitious perhaps, but go bold or go home, right?

Nos vemos en Arte Agave!


          - Walt, John & Rod

Walt Easterbrook.jpg

Walter Easterbrook

Founder + Director

Walter Easterbrook, Founder and CEO of the Bowery Collective, started his career in hospitality in NYC over 15 years ago, and he knows the business from top to bottom. Having started out bartending in a multitude of restaurants and high volume corporate establishments, Walt’s quick ascent soon led him to opening and managing bars and to planning and launching a wide array of selective events both in the US and abroad.

Walt first discovered his passion for the hospitality industry in college.  Shortly after graduation, he put his experience to the test in New York City, where he quickly built an impressive resume and went on to help open the Lobby Bar at The Bowery Hotel

Through his various experiences, Walt has honed his skills, embraced the world of "mixology” and perfected his craft of using new liquors and fresh ingredients to create signature cocktails.

These days, you’ll find Walt reveling in the details and expertise it takes to craft meaningful moments for his guests – from creating signature cocktails, to shaping the space and guiding the service to ultimately deliver just the right experience.

Rod "Rodrigo" Alanis

Jefe de Brand + Marketing

As founder and CEO of NYC based branding agency, Optimistico, Rod’s talent and passion lie in creating better brand experiences.  Over the years, he has helped brand and market a wide range of large and small clients from government to retail, start-up to turn-around.

Rod has extensive experience in branding, marketing strategy and management and has led the development and implementation of integrated programs for a wide array of organizations including Scholastic, JetBlue, Harry Potter, HSBC, Comcast, The U.S. Department of State and the Marines.

Rod’s career in branding and marketing started with the nation’s largest ad agency, JWT, where he migrated to the agency’s Specialized Communications division and founded and directed its diversity practice.  He then went on to support the development and growth of two NY-based agencies, including his own, Optimistico

Prior to the branding and advertising space, Rod did his stint in the technology world with Accenture and obtained his MBA with an emphasis on marketing and his BBA with a double major in Marketing and MIS.  Rod is also a member of the Texas Business Hall of Fame. He has spent time in Mexico, Texas, Washington D.C. and currently resides in New York City. 

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Arte Agave is a Bowery Collective creation. Por favor, get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.