Experiencing the Art of Agave

After several noches of sharing, pondering and rambling, we decided to take a leap of faith together. We found common ground in our admiration of well crafted creations and the "artistas" behind them - creations that deliver memorable and meaningful experiences.

Arte Agave was thus born of our mutual passion and appreciation of agave spirits + cuisine + the arts all wrapped in the values that define its very spirit:  Respeto, Comunidad, Celebración, Innovación, y Pasión. 


          - Walt & Emily

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Walter Easterbrook

Founder + Director

Founder, Business Development

Walter Easterbrook, Founder and CEO of the Bowery Collective, started his career in hospitality in NYC over 15 years ago, and he knows the business from top to bottom. Having started out bartending in a multitude of restaurants and high volume corporate establishments, Walt’s quick ascent soon led him to opening and managing bars and to planning and launching a wide array of selective events both in the US and abroad.

Walt first discovered his passion for the hospitality industry in college.  Shortly after graduation, he put his experience to the test in New York City, where he quickly built an impressive resume and went on to help open the Lobby Bar at The Bowery Hotel.

Through his various experiences, Walt has honed his skills, embraced the world of "mixology” and perfected his craft of using new liquors and fresh ingredients to create signature cocktails.

These days, you’ll find Walt reveling in the details and expertise it takes to craft meaningful moments for his guests – from creating signature cocktails, to shaping the space and guiding the service to ultimately deliver just the right experience.

Emily Easterbrook

Partner + Creative Director

Emily Easterbrook first expressed her creative aspirations attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. While attending, she began her 10 plus year career in the hospitality industry. Quickly ascending from hostessing in a high volume corporate establishment to head bartender at a live music venue. 

Her creative vision and determination has lead her to Arte Agave as their Creative Director. Working hands on with clients such as Herradura and Dobel designing concepts unique to each event. Her creative talents can also be viewed behind the scenes as Arte Agave’s visual designer. Emily's passion is to hand craft each meaningful experience. 

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Arte Agave is a Bowery Collective creation. Por favor, get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.