“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Pablo Picasso

We are amidst perhaps one of the most exciting periods we've seen in the worlds of spirits, cuisine, art and design. The convergence of these areas in exciting new ways has given rise to some inspiring new creations.

Please get to know some of the "artistas" (featured below) that we’ve had the pleasure of having join us at Arte Agave. Explore their creations. Learn their stories. Support and share their work. 


An accomplished artista of Mexican descent, Daniel seeks to communicate the history and values of Mexican culture through his authentic creations.

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The art of La Sirena Mexican folk art store in New York City reflects the beauty and richness of the country of Mexico and its people. "La Sirena" is filled with arts and crafts from many regions of Mexico, from museum quality pieces to traditional marketplace merchandise in all price ranges. Much of the work is crafted by families whose traditions have been handed down from generation to generation. Families whose lives, in and of themselves, are living art. The pieces are bought directly from the artists, whenever possible. This is very important because it ensures that the artist fully profits and that traditions live on.

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Mazarte es una organización artística que expone al la comunidad urbana a un trabajo único dancístico, la historia y arte que le acompañan y simultáneamente impulsa a los artesanos indígenas de las comunidades mexicanas. 

La meta de MAZarte es crear unión entre la danza, investigación y arte indígena para promover la herencia cultural mexicana, darle vida a la historia y ofrecer programas educativos a las comunidades en las que vivimos.

También creemos que nuestro acercamiento a la cultura y las artes debe ser holístico y através de cada programa reconectar  y apoyar a las comunidades indígenas que dejamos en México.

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Kamille Ejerta, otherwise known by her street name, "OGMillie" is an NYC based visually impaired Street-Pop artist with a vintage flair. She focuses on the inspirational hard work that iconic international figures are known for. Her art is most recognized by the medium of acrylic painted portraits on vintage decorative mirrors. She is also a muralist whose works can be seen throughout the Tri-Sate boroughs. After experiencing a vision-threatening emergency, art became a savior to OGMillie at a time when she needed hope and found her escape through art.


Queens native Al Ruiz is a classically trained painter with a keen interest in bold color, graphic design and portraiture. She “attacks" her pieces in a chaotic but controlled style, with an emphasis on the human condition and its detailed nuances.

Ruiz has had her work featured in Step Magazine, A Gathering of Tribes, Nickelodeon, and the female artist showcase Bonds of Love, for which her handmade typography received numerous awards. AIGA, Society of Illustrators and the Type Director’s Club have also recognized and featured her work. Her art can also be viewed as various murals in different areas of New York City.

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Albertus joseph

Albertus is a native New Yorker. Born in East Elmhurst Queens. His mother was his very first influence as she taught him how to draw at the age of 4. He attended Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. As a young man he grew up with comic books and graphic novels which he adds influenced his style. He looks to tell stories with his and talk about the various stages of a greater consciousness. He is an accomplished street artist and muralist with works throughout the states, Puerto Rico, South America, Europe, and Australia. One of his greatest passions is street art...“Street Art is art for the people”. He has shown his works throughout New York City and abroad. His goal as an Artist is to be inspired by life and inspire others in the process of creating art.

Herminio Torres

Herminio Torres is a Lifestyle Photographer born, raised and based in Brooklyn, NY. Herminio is also currently a Brand Ambassador and Marketing Associate for Ilegal Mezcal. He continues to hone his craft as part of the team at 11C & Company as the Director of Photography and Design. During his free time you can find him traveling and enjoying the company of those around him.